About Us

The Health Quest International Clinic also known as “Health Quest Alternative Holistic and Wellness Center” is an Alternative Medicine Clinic which applies therapy to the whole person by naturopathic or holistically means. The wellness center primarily does therapy to seriously ill patients who have chronic degenerative diseases such as cardiovascular, kidney and liver disease, arthritis, diabetes and CANCER.

We offer 3-5 day detox programs and 5-7 day total cancer therapy and wellness visits, the majority of our patients are on 30 day visits. When the 5 day, 7 day or 30+ day in-wellness center treatments are over, the cancer and degenerative disease patients continue a similar regimen from home which we teach them during the period of their stay. We make sure that each patient is knowledgeable on how to continue their therapy program at home to benefit themselves and their whole family. Total treatment time is 2 years in most cases.

The Clinic also offers a signature proprietary product from Health Quest International Import-Export known as H200 Navigator Herbal Drink, which on its own is a significant contribution to the therapy of all degenerative diseases.

     Health Quest International Clinic is a cutting edge forefront wellness therapy center located in the beautiful Subic Bay Freeport Zone, nestled in the raw beauty of nature conducive to healing. We offer alternative medical therapy that treats the whole person not just the disease. Treating the disease alone doesn’t correct the underlying problem of why the patient got sick in the first place. We offer therapy programs with no side-effects, therapy that is 100% toxin free, therapy modalities for people not satisfied with conventional surgery, radiation and chemotherapy treatments. If you’ve undergone these types of conventional treatments, we can help detox your system to get you back into the right track of recovery. If you’re still healthy we will help you stay healthy. Fighting addiction, weight loss or need to de-stress, we can help. Finally there is somebody who won’t give up when you do! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!